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Woman 2 Woman Support Group

Woman 2 Woman Support Group

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About Woman 2 Woman


The Woman 2 Woman program has been developed by a woman for women and young women. The curriculum teaches women of all ages to learn how to love themselves and how they can continually build resilience to trauma and various forms of violence. We as a group aim to empower women and young women with socio, economic, emotional, and self-awareness tools that will last a lifetime. The program is FREE to sign up below!


In order to effectively accomplish our goals, the Woman-to-Woman program dives deep into the woman and her stages of life, especially the stage of the Dynamic Adolescent Brain. We are able to utilize what we know about the process of how the brain matures over time to teach our women and young women. We study together what each stage looks like and we dissect the feelings, life challenges, mental, and physical aspects of those stages. In addition, we compare what the healthy vs the traumatic stages look like.


Our 7 Guiding Principles

1.     We build communities of women who model what it takes to be a strong woman.

2.     We don’t tell young women how to be good women; we show them.

3.     We don’t give advice or lectures. We simply tell young women how, when we were teenagers, we dealt with the very same issues they face. The lessons we learned, and the price we paid for our mistakes.

4.     We create trust by telling the truth about our struggles as women. This gives the young women permission to talk about the struggles they face on their journey to womanhood.

5.     We praise young women for their unique gifts and support them when they screw up. 

6.     We ask young women what kind of woman they want to be, and encourage and support them on their journey to become that woman. 

7.     We commit to educating the community in resources and how to learn to utilize resources according to the need of the individual or family.

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