Get Connected to Events


Get Connected & Prairie State Legal partner to bring in person and online informational sessions to educate those impacted by former incarceration on how to Seal & Expunge their Criminal Records. Our next Online workshop is April 11, 2023 at 3:00pm. If you would like to attend this event please CLICK HERE to be directed to the zoom room and info session. This session is typically held once a month, both IN PERSON &  ONLINE.
Call 779-513-2565 for more information.

Non-Profit University

Get Connected is providing coaching through the Non-profit Grassroots University! to mentor Nonprofit organizations who struggle to dig their way through resources and opportunities for growth, development, implementation, and sustainability! 
Our next ZOOM conversation starts on This Saturday at 1pm CST Click HERE to join!
online sessions include discussions about difficult to understand tasks that nonprofits face daily. If you're a nonprofit leader who struggles to secure the bag to move your organization forward, you don't want to mission one session of this power packed Action Meeting. If you can not find time out of your busy schedule to attend weekly Saturday sessions then enroll in the Non-profit  University (NU) and work at your own pace. At NU you will learn how to build a Non-profit Organization (NFP) from scratch, grow funding streams and impact your community. If you're a non profit we'd love to hear of ways in which we can develop partnerships and community action groups. Please reach out to GC at for more information regarding this opportunity or to enroll in courses click here.

Do You want to learn how to write Grants?

Click HERE to Register & Pay for the 4-week Power Packed Grant Writing Workshops!