Breaking Bread Monday's

Breaking Bread Program

Get Connected (GC) is breaking bread with community members impacted by Gun Violence!

Get Connected conducts Bread Give-aways on Monday's throughout the areas in the community recently impacted by Gun Violence. We Break Bread by providing Fresh Panera bread and a Get Connected folder full of community resources. The resource folder includes but is not limited to the following flyers and brochures:

Gun Violence Prevention Resources & Referrals

Domestic Violence Prevention Resources & Referrals

Crisis Resources & Referrals

Housing Assistance Lists & Resources

Employment Resources & Workshops

Financial Resources & Workshops

& much more!!! Don't forget the Free bread comes with the folder full of resources.

Our Get Connected team is also well educated on the resources within the folder they are providing to the victims and families who have been impacted by Gun Violence. The latter makes it easy for a community member to ask questions if they need help so they can be educated with resources on the spot. Boots-on-the-ground approaches are what Get Connected Silence the Violence team specializes in. Watch our Facebook page for more info. 

Breaking Bread with Victims of community and Gun Violence in both Tangible & Intangible ways! We are the connection between service providers and a person struggling to receive services after a family member or loved one has been shot!


FREE PANERA BREAD (Courtesy of Panera Breads, Day-End-Dough-Nation) was created June 20, 2021 to help serve local families impacted by Re-entry. In January 2023 the Breaking Bread Program expanded to provide bread donations and resources to victims of Gun Violence with groundbreaking folders & bread full of food for life. 

If you or your organization would like to be apart of Get Connected Bread Breaking efforts feel free to reach out to us by emailing us at

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