Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread Program

Get Connected (GC) is breaking bread with our Re-entry community by hosting online support group sessions called "Rules of Re-engagement"

Get Connected is conducting ZOOM meetings online for those impacted by incarceration. Watch our Facebook page for more info. 

or click the link below to join us every Saturday from NOON until 1pm.

"Rules of Re-engagement ZOOM LINK"

Breaking Bread with our Re-entry community, Metaphorically & Physically is what Get Connected is all about. We want to be the connection between the community and a person struggling to re-enter and help foster working relationships that will last a lifetime! 

Please join us on Saturday's where you can learn all about the Rules of Re-engagement and sign up for a FREE PANERA BREAD BASKET (Courtesy of Panera Breads, Day-End-Dough-Nation) Which will be delivered to your home Early Sunday Morning if you attend a "Rules of Re-engagement" Session on Saturday and register for your basket! The Breaking Bread project, was created to help serve local families impacted by former incarceration with the groundbreaking bread full of food for life. 

If you or your organization would like to be apart of Get Connected Bread Breaking efforts feel free to reach out to us by emailing us at

To send Get Connected a message, fill out the form below and press SEND.